honey & sriracha roasted cashews

Honey & Sriracha Roasted Cashews

I have to admit this post was inspired by a facebook ad from a company selling sriracha cashews.  I wanted some but I knew that it would probably be pretty easy to make my own, and I was right. I found this recipe at an amazing blog by fellow (though far more accomplished!) designer / food enthusiast Jennifer Chong.  These honey and sriracha cashews have a nice subtle sweet and spicy roasted taste without overpowering the natural buttery goodness of the cashew.

honey & sriracha roasted cashews

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seared sriracha meatballs

Seared Sriracha Meatballs

This recipe for seared meatballs takes a little more effort than I typically am willing to make but it’s so worth it because results are super delicious and fairly healthy too.  While I admit it does take a little time to make all of those meatballs, it’s not difficult to do.  Also, the recipe yields a lot of meatballs so I ended up freezing half of them, so the next time I make this it will be super easy to throw together.

I probably should have called this dish “seared meatballs with sriracha glaze” because there is no sriracha in the meatballs themselves. This is nice because the glaze is quite spicy; you can serve the meatballs plain so each person can add the amount of glaze that he or she prefers.

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honey lime salmon with sweet & spicy sauce

Honey Lime Salmon with Sweet & Spicy Sauce

It’s really easy to eat poorly this time of year. With all of the holiday meals, indulgent fall desserts, and the fact that the cold weather just makes me crave comfort foods, healthy eating doesn’t seem to factor in very often. So here is a delicious yet healthy dish that is both good and good for you.  There isn’t any oil or butter in the whole recipe!  There is a tiny amount of mayo in the sauce though. Teeny tiny.

honey lime salmon with sweet & spicy sauce

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