quick & tasty smashed red potatoes

Quick & Tasty Smashed Red Potatoes

This is my go-to potato recipe because it is so easy to do and results in slightly crispy garlic-buttery potato goodness.  By microwaving the potatoes then broiling them, you can have the whole dish done in about 20 minutes, compared to the usual roasting methods that take a lot more time. Also I find smashing the potatoes with my hands (protected by an oven mitt) pretty fun to do; I admit that is kind of weird, but hey it’s the little things.


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baked buffalo chicken cheese balls

Baked Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls

So Jason & I like buffalo chicken a little bit.  We could easily buy Frank’s hot sauce by the gallon.  As soon as I saw this recipe for buffalo chicken cheese balls, I knew I had to try it.  I wanted to try baking them instead of frying though.  I think they turned out pretty amazing.

baked buffalo chicken cheese balls

Baked food isn’t quite as crispy as fried, but it also isn’t as oily, and it’s kind of less of an ordeal in my opinion.  To fry things, you have to use a ton of oil, even if you reuse it, it’s still a lot. And, it takes a long time, because you can only fry a few things at a time to avoid “crowding the pan”.

I did use a little oil to help the panko brown up, but way less than with frying. Also, I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil, which you couldn’t do if you were frying.  The nice thing about panko is that it’s still pretty crispy even without frying.

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