quick & tasty smashed red potatoes

Quick & Tasty Smashed Red Potatoes

This is my go-to potato recipe because it is so easy to do and results in slightly crispy garlic-buttery potato goodness.  By microwaving the potatoes then broiling them, you can have the whole dish done in about 20 minutes, compared to the usual roasting methods that take a lot more time. Also I find smashing the potatoes with my hands (protected by an oven mitt) pretty fun to do; I admit that is kind of weird, but hey it’s the little things.


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sweet potato & pecan casserole

Sweet Potato & Pecan Casserole

Sweet potatoes are kind of a controversial topic in my circle.  Some people love them, some hate them; some like them very sweet with sugar and marshmallows, some eat them with just butter and salt.  Who knew a little root vegetable could make so much trouble.

Here is a pretty basic yet delicious sweet potato casserole recipe that just about anyone will enjoy because it’s sweet but not too sweet, and the pecans add some nice texture that might convince the sweet potato haters to come around.  The recipe is customizable too. You adjust the amount of sugar to your taste –  more sugar, it will taste almost like dessert, less sugar and it will be more of a traditional potato dish.  Choose a method of cooking – the easier roasted potato method or the faster peeled and boiled method.  You can even use left over cooked sweet potatoes if you’d like.

sweet potato & pecan casserole

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