Grilled Miso Veggie Sandwich

I like the idea of mixing up cultural influences in cooking.  I bought a big tub of miso paste to make miso soup, which is amazing, but if I were to use the entire tub just to make soup that would be A LOT of soup.  So I thought, there have got to be plenty of other ways to use miso paste.

This recipe uses a miso marinade over veggies before grilling. I then added a feta-lemon spread for a meatless sandwich that’s packed with flavor.




Grilled Miso Veggie Sandwich

Serves 1
Prep time 8 minutes
Cook time 7 minutes
Total time 15 minutes


  • 1 tablespoon miso paste
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • veggies of your choice (onion, peppers & squash work great)
  • bread of your choice
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons feta cheese
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice


1. Preheat grill over medium-high heat.
2. Mix water and miso. Chop veggies and toss in miso glaze or brush on glaze. Grill to desired doneness.
3. Mix mayo, lemon juice and feta cheese. Assemble sandwich with bread, feta spread and miso veggies.

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