chocolate covered banana slices with crushed pistachios

Chocolate Covered Banana Slices with Crushed Pistachios

These chocolate covered bananas only take a few minutes to prepare (plus a half hour to set up in the freezer) and they are a delicious yet healthy treat.  You can use any kind of chocolate, bars or chips, and you could also replace the pistachios with some other kind of nut; however I think salted pistachios compliment the chocolate and banana wonderfully.

chocolate covered banana slices with crushed pistachios
That slice in the back looks like it’s melting! But it only looks like that because I cut the banana at an angle. :P

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tuna cakes with apple salsa

Tuna Cakes with Apple Salsa

Summer may not officially be here yet, but summer like weather has finally come to Wisco. In the spirit of summer, I’ve been motivated to try out some new yummy looking fruit and veg dishes.  I bought some apples the other day and I’ve been wanting to make an apple salsa, but wasn’t sure what to serve it with.  Then it occurred to me that I like apples in tuna salad, so some kind of tuna dish would probably work.

I found this tuna cakes recipe from Kraft and thought that it would work pretty well. Not only that but the tuna cakes (which I’ve never done before) are surprisingly good. Who knew fish from a can could be so scrumptious?  The tuna cakes were easy to throw together and cook up in only a few minutes, so these will probably be a new regular thing for me.

tuna cakes with apple salsa

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strawberry french toast grilled cheese

Strawberry French Toast Grilled Cheese

I love the combination of fruit and cheese, and when you make a sandwich out of it with french toast it becomes a wonderful breakfast treat.  The more traditional version of this sandwich uses cream cheese instead of deli cheese, but I tried that version and thought this would be even better with some swiss or provologne. I think I was right, as my second try I used baby swiss and the slight nuttiness of the cheese made for a heartier (and tastier imo) sandwich.

For extra sweet decadent goodness, serve this with maple syrup or strawberry compote! I just used a little powdered sugar and that was good too.

strawberry french toast grilled cheese

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truly tasty turkey burgers

Truly Tasty Turkey Burgers

Yesterday we had a beautiful Sunday evening and so I wanted to grill out, and we decided to try out grilled turkey burgers.  I found this recipe called Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers. It looked pretty good but I amped up the flavors with soy sauce, worcestershire and hot sauce, and came up with a more alliterative name (very important). The recipe was a success; I don’t usually like turkey burgers that much unless they are loaded with flavorful toppings, but these patties were quite good without a lot of extra stuff.


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