rice cooker berry pancake

Rice Cooker Berry Pancake

Sometimes I feel, as a food blogger, that I’m supposed to have certain standards about how I make my food and what ingredients I use.  Sometimes I feel that way, but then I think to myself, screw it this giant pancake in the rice cooker thing is just too nifty to pass up.  Yes, nifty.  Not having to stand in front of the stove for patiently waiting for pancakes to cook perfectly is pretty nifty.  Being able to cook “pancakes” with the same bowl you mix them in is also quite nifty.

I was sold, and I have to say the results were even better than I expected. It has the texture of a pancake, it tastes like  pancake, it even kind of looks like pancake with the golden outer later and fluffy interior.

rice cooker berry pancake

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honey & sriracha roasted cashews

Honey & Sriracha Roasted Cashews

I have to admit this post was inspired by a facebook ad from a company selling sriracha cashews.  I wanted some but I knew that it would probably be pretty easy to make my own, and I was right. I found this recipe at an amazing blog by fellow (though far more accomplished!) designer / food enthusiast Jennifer Chong.  These honey and sriracha cashews have a nice subtle sweet and spicy roasted taste without overpowering the natural buttery goodness of the cashew.

honey & sriracha roasted cashews

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quick & tasty smashed red potatoes

Quick & Tasty Smashed Red Potatoes

This is my go-to potato recipe because it is so easy to do and results in slightly crispy garlic-buttery potato goodness.  By microwaving the potatoes then broiling them, you can have the whole dish done in about 20 minutes, compared to the usual roasting methods that take a lot more time. Also I find smashing the potatoes with my hands (protected by an oven mitt) pretty fun to do; I admit that is kind of weird, but hey it’s the little things.


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baked crab rangoon with sweet chili sauce

Baked Crab Rangoon with Sweet Chili Sauce

The restaurant selection in the small town where I live in has gotten even smaller this summer now that the Chinese restaurant has temporarily closed it’s doors for renovations. This makes me really sad because I can no longer get wonderful cheap Chinese junk food like crab rangoon without driving for half an hour.  I have mentioned before that I hate frying things at home, it’s a big, messy, potentially dangerous ordeal and you have to use a ton of vegetable oil.  I don’t think it’s worth it. So, I decided to try out baked crab rangoon.

I will admit that this baked version is not the same as the fried flaky crab rangoon that you get at chinese restaurants, but it is pretty good and it’s definitely easier to make.  The butter helps add a little flavor and ensures that the wonton wrapper gets crispy; you just have to go in with the expectation that will not be the same.

baked crab rangoon with sweet chili sauce

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